My Expertise and Experience

The following is a list of my expertise and my experience, whether I gained from jobs, from studies, or from practices.

  1. I can create web applications to collect data properly and correctly without any duplication that include graphics quite quickly, because apart from having templates, I am also quite experienced.
  2. I can create computer programs that can perform interoperability or exchange data with RESTful API technology.
  3. I can create computer programs capable of performing complex calculations like the ones I once did for the Ministry of Health, namely Cohort Calculations.
  4. I understand and master FHIR and I can create computer programs that connect to the FHIR server via RESTful API technology. You can try my creation which can generate FHIR JSON and send it to the FHIR server by visit
  5. I can migrate data automatically using a computer program that I created myself.
  6. I have experience and expertise in creating websites using PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript since 2001, CMS since 2010, and CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, and jQuery since 2018.
  7. I can create web applications using KoboToolbox, ActivityInfo, CMS, WordPress, and PHP.
  8. I can create visualizations like graphs, charts, and tabular with Excel, Chart JS, Google Chart and most recently with Power BI and wpDataTables.
  9. I can clean and match data, present data on request, calculate recapitulation, and many other things because I have experience and expertise in managing databases since 1999, and processing data since 2006.
  10. I can analyze and process data using data tools such as SQL, Excel, Access, and most recently Microsoft Query and Microsoft Power BI.
  11. I can write program progress reports and evaluations because I have experience working as a MEL Officer and Knowledge Management & Monitoring Officer.
  12. I can write research results using information sources from the internet and literature because I have experience as a knowledge management specialist when working at UNDP REDD+.
  13. I can create applications with Power Apps and can create lists with SharePoint.
  14. I can install Linux and web applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) because I have a GCP account now.
  15. I have experience in training and implementing ERP.