Dare to Accept Challenges and Diligently Learn Something New

My name is Muhammad Zulfan Zubaidi. I have long experience as a programmer. I started studying programming in 1988. Then in 1999 I became a professional programmer. Initially I was a desktop programmer and then became a web programmer since 2001.

I create web-based computer programs for both web sites and web applications. At that time, I was still working with a web designer. But starting in 2004 I worked alone because I was able to create my own web designs.

In 2006 I became an MIS specialist whose duties cover a wide range of matters. Among them are being an IT manager and coordinating the 33 MIS team units under me. I am also programmer, data processor, data analyst, etc.

In 2010 I started using CMS technology in creating web sites and web applications. At that time, I chose the Joomla brand CMS even though I was also able to use the Drupal and WordPress brand CMS.

In the same year, I worked as an ERP trainer and implementer at a fast-moving consumer goods distributor company.

In 2012 I became a knowledge management specialist. My job at that time was to do research on various things from sources on the internet.

In 2016 I became an MIS specialist whose duties were similar to my duties as an MIS specialist in 2006.

In 2018 I started using PHP platform technology in creating web applications. I also use CRUD libraries to make creating web applications faster and easier. Lastly, I also use CSS platform technology to make the web look more beautiful and Javascript platform to make the web application more interactive and powerful.

In 2020, I worked successively as a MEL Officer on a USAID project and a Knowledge Management and Monitoring Officer on a World Bank project.

In 2021 I am tasked with helping one of the ministries to solve various information technology problems. My tasks include creating sophisticated applications to solve various problems in the ministry, helping with data processing, and advising them when they want to create a new application to manage something that will be done by a third party or vendor.

In 2023 I deepened my expertise in the field of using CMS, especially for the WordPress brand and all kinds of IT knowledge such as modern Javascript, ReactJS, RESTful API, FHIR, GCP, Microsoft 365, dynamic system modeling, Laravel, etc.,

Loving Family, Valuing Time, Valuing Jobs, Can Resist Self-desire, and Being Effective Are the Keys to Success​

I'm not good at speaking, but I'm a person who can make your wishes come true that no one else can do.