An Anthology of Information Systems

This site contains simple examples of various models of information systems. One of them that has been finished is a simple example of a health information system. Other models are still being made when this article was published.

Simple Examples of Various Web Applications
  • Created in December 2023 and continues to be developed.
  • A complete application (CRUD) consisting of some form packages including a visualization in the graphs, charts, and tables format.
  • Having a database structure that applies RDBMS rules so that data is more efficient to store and effective to use.
  • List of datasets at each form package can export to CSV format.
  • If you want to try this application, please visit¬† If you are interested in inputting data with this application, you can click “Log in” in the top right corner then enter the username and password.
  • All data in this application is fake data or artificial data that is generated by a computer program.